Торта Червено кадифе

Торта Червено кадифе


Ingredients Kg %
Red Velvet Cake 1.000 gr Cake ingredients
Eggs 350 gr Cake ingredients
Sunflower oil 300 gr Cake ingredients
Water 225 gr Cake ingredients
Margarine Princess 500 gr Buttercream ingredients
Dip White (covering) 1.000 gr Buttercream ingredients
Fine Cream Fresh Dairy 100 gr Buttercream ingredients
Dip White (covering) 200 gr Covering ingredients
Sunflower oil 40 gr Covering ingredients
Fat soluble food colouring (red) 3 gr Covering ingredients
Colored candies Extra ingredients


    Use the flat beater to mix all the cake ingredients at medium speed for 5 minutes. 

    Pour the mixture into preferable molds and fill them up to 2/3.

    Bake at 160°C for 45-50 minutes and once they have cooled down, remove from the molds and cut into 2 cm layers.

    Use the wire whisk to mix all the buttercream ingredients at high speed until the cream is well whipped and has formed a smooth texture.

    Assemble the layered cake by placing the cake layers and 1 cm buttercream layers consecutively.

    Finish assembling the layered cake with a final spread of buttercream. Freeze for a few minutes.

    Decorate with coloured candies.

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