Ingredients Kg %
Jello 1.000 gr Choux ingredients
Eggs 1.250 gr Choux ingredients
Hot water 1.250 gr Choux ingredients
Minuta Choco 100 gr Sauce ingredients
Water 250 gr Sauce ingredients
Inverted sugar syrup 150 gr Sauce ingredients
Casa Cream UHT (Fresh cream) 100 gr Sauce ingredients
Minuta Ivoire 250 gr Cream ingredients
Water 400 gr Cream ingredients
Milk 200 gr Cream ingredients
Roma Top (Vegetable cream) 150 gr Whipped cream ingredients
Casa Cream UHT (Fresh cream) 150 gr Whipped cream ingredients
Scaldis Dark Extra ingredients


    Use the flat beater to mix the Jello with the eggs at low speed. Make sure you mix well. While mixing, gradually add the hot water and 5 minutes before finishing, switch to medium speed.  

    Use a piping bag with a round nozzle to pipe shapes and sizes that you prefer, onto a slightly greased tray. You can either use Carlex (release agent) or some parchment paper.

    Bake at ±225°C for 25-30 minutes, preferably in a deck oven, making sure to allow steam to be released while baking.

    Let them cool down and then pipe to fill with the whipped minuta cream.

    Add some cream at the bottom of  mini glass jars, place the choux and finish by filling the jars with the profiterole sauce.

    Finish decorating as you wish with Scaldis Dark.

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