Портокалово - карамелени пралини

Портокалово - карамелени пралини


Ingredients Kg %
Sugar 325 gr Ganache ingredients
Casa Cream UHT 350 gr Ganache ingredients
Arabesque White 30% 350 gr Ganache ingredients
Salt 2 gr Ganache ingredients
Orange juice 275 gr Gel ingredients
Sugar 125 gr Gel ingredients
Pectine NH 6 gr Gel ingredients
Sugar 25 gr Gel ingredients
Arabesque Dark 70% Gel ingredients


    For the gel: Heat the orange juice together with 125 gr of sugar.

    Mix the pectine NH with 25 gr of sugar and add the mixture to the previous one.

    Heat the combined mixture at 103°C and then let it cool down.

    Heat 325 gr of sugar until it turns brown (caramel).

    For the filling: Heat the whipping cream and then carefully mix it with the caramelized sugar.

    Add the Arabesque White 30% chocolate and the salt and stir everything together until well blended.

    Spray the molds with cocoa butter and then pour the melted Arabesque Dark 70% chocolate on top.

    Tip over the molds so shells are formed and cool them the fridge.

    Fill the molds up with the orange gel and caramel filling.

    Pour melted Arabesque Dark 70% chocolate at the top and cool in the fridge.

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