About us

Hellas Hem JSC was created in 1993, and we are the first Bulgarian company that presents and imposes on the market modern scientific technologies in bread-making, confectionery and ice cream production. We do not only offer our products, we offer valuable opportunities as we support and stimulate our clients in using the novations and implementing innovative products and ideas in their productions. For over 25 years, Hellas Hem JSC has had the reputation of a company offering high quality products, supply efficiency, constant widening of the product range and ideas reflecting over important customer tendencies. Our knowledge of the market serves as a source of inspiration and information for the development of products and concepts leading to success, both for producers and customers. That explains Hellas Hem JSC’s motto: 
 The company has offices and warehouses at disposal located in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Pleven, Blagoevgrad and Vratsa, and we also have demonstration halls in Sofia and Varna. Qualified sales representatives and technicians are available to meet the needs and requirements of each bread-maker and confectioner with servicing done both on site at the warehouses and through customer service after pre-accepted requests. We are a dynamic company oriented in constant development and innovations implementation. We rely on quality, inspiration and service. One of the main objectives of the company is providing the best quality to price ratio. Our corporative attention, interests and objectives are oriented mainly in the following directions: 
- research, surveys and prognoses; 
- new product concepts;
- preservation of the product groups;
- information for the products and specification; 
- conquering new markets outside the country; 
- maintaining and improving the qualification of the personnel - an important key for achieving professional success and quality service;

We provide our complete know how and we are at disposal for all of our customers – from the family business to the industry. Based on these searches of ours are established our partnerships with the following suppliers: Zeelandia International, Sefco Zeelandia, Kondima, Katsan, Ambrosio, Fo Food, Pan Décor, Pernigotti, Casiba, Barbara Décor, Olympic foods.

 With the diversity of materials we offer, we manage to satisfy the needs of our contragents both in the low and in the high price segment. In the recent years, the company is aiming at and succeeding in expanding the territory of supply outside the country, as target segment is the Balkan Peninsula. We are currently exporting to Greece, Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo, and we are observing a steady increase in the sales volumes.

 Hellas Hem JSC will continue researching the market with the aim to develop and seek for novations, as innovations are the core of our strategy allowing us to create new market opportunities for our clients. We will continue considering each of our products from the customer’s point of view in order to determine the right balance between technically feasible and commercial opportunities, quality and price.